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Have you heard of food being dropped from the air, and that too at your doorstep? That has become a reality and is now on its way to be the future of delivery systems. There are several companies currently looking for new technology to alter the way they deliver their products to the consumer.

With progress in technology, our lives have completely changed, and it continues to change every day. The way we work, how we travel and navigate, the way we shop, the way we study, every small thing has been revolutionized by technology. The modernization of delivery systems is also not too far behind.

In fact, it has already begun. Delivery drones are unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs that are controlled through a ground control station. These drones are carrying packages to the designated location. Pizza deliveries and some critical medical supplies are already being delivered using drones for quite some time. Several companies like Amazon, Wing, UPS, DHL, Wingcopter, etc., have already ventured into air delivery systems.

Generally, the logistics industry depended on road transport. But the increasing traffic on roads leads to deliveries getting stuck or delayed, making businesses look for alternate ways. Drones are proving to be the perfect substitute.

Benefits of Opting for Drone Deliveries

Technology not only makes our lives simpler but also takes it forward in more ways than one. Drone deliveries, too, have revolutionized the world of logistics. They say necessity is the mother of invention. This new system also has its benefits and will improve the shortcomings of the previous delivery methods.

  1. Faster delivery time: Drones don’t have to wait for road traffic to clear. They can simply fly and deliver. These flying bots can deliver your package within 30 minutes or less.
  2. Reduction in road congestion: If there are fewer road deliveries, the number of delivery trucks, cars, or bikes would also reduce. Hence, it will reduce the overcrowding of vehicles on the road.
  3. Environment-friendly delivery: Drones don’t run on gas. Their source of energy comes from rechargeable Li-Po batteries. So, unlike the trucks, they have less carbon footprinting and are not adding to the air pollution.
  4. Less cost: Though, for the businesses, there will be an initial investment of buying the drones, and the customers will have to bear a minor expenditure for a drone landing pad, but in the long run, it will save money for everyone. Using drones will reduce the time needed for the delivery, there will be a lesser chance for any transit damage, and most importantly, it will save fuel expenses.

How Do Drone Deliveries work?

As we mentioned, drones are pilotless aircraft that are operated from a ground control station. With rechargeable Li-Po batteries to generate thrust, these crafts usually have 4 to 8 propellers. Delivery time is crucial for many businesses. Sometimes, due to emergencies, and at others due to competition from other similar brands. Enabling companies to deliver in less than 30 minutes, drones are becoming an increasingly popular logistics method.

Take off

Take off is crucial for any aircraft. Drones would also need a platform from where they can commence their travel. Depending on the size of the drone’s battery and how long it can run, they can travel approximately 20-30 kilometers in one go. Thus, the companies need to have designated deployment centers within the city to facilitate the take-off.

If not fixed ground centers, companies can use their delivery trucks as dispatch centers. So, one such truck can be used to deploy multiple drones to cover a certain area of the city.

In air

Like any other aircraft, drones need to be navigated too to reach the required destination. Usually, some drones are manned remotely, but to make out-of-sight independent deliveries, the drones need to have built-in GPS systems that follow the route programmed into them. So, all one would need to do is to put in the coordinates, and the flying bot will make the delivery on its own.

The only problem this system would face is unplanned obstacles on the way, like a tree or a power line or if a bird hit the drone. To manage the delivery while evading obstacles, the drone would need an air traffic management system with built-in cameras and sensors to locate and avoid any stumbling blocks.

drone delivery landing pads


Drones are expensive devices, so they need to be kept safe. And, maintaining the safety of the drones is vital during landing. So, as a consumer, you might have to make a one-time expenditure on a landing pad. Once you have the pad, all you need to do is provide the company with your coordinates. When you order from them, they will airdrop your package wherever you need it. These pads are safe, waterproof, and provide the perfect platform for drones to land.

drone delivery

So, be a part of this logistic industry revolution. Drones provide quick, safe, contactless, and accurate deliveries- they are the future of the delivery system. While companies will arrange the delivery, all you need is a landing pad if you opt for air delivery. There are several options from where you can buy a pad in the market but choose a high-quality drone delivery landing pad online from Drop Zone.