Drone Deliveries for E-Commerce


The advancement in technology has turned our lives around. From our smartphones to robotics, from education to gaming, technology has revolutionized all spheres of life. Similarly, it has provided businesses a whole new platform. E-commerce has become the new norm for retailers and service providers. And now, the development of drones will prove to be a game-changer for the e-commerce industry.

Is a drone delivering your pizza or medicines at your doorstep? If not, that will soon be the new normal. Drone delivery is the future of delivery systems, and it has already arrived! Several companies have begun using drones to provide home delivery of products to their customers. Many others have ventured into the system and bracing up to launch their full-scale programs.

And, after the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved the use of “beyond-visual-line-of-sight” drones, it will soon be normal to watch these flying bots hovering in your city skies.

Drone deliveries will boost the e-commerce business a great deal. According to a report by Frost & Sullivan, the number of drones used for delivery in the global e-commerce industry alone is estimated to rise to 2.2 million units by 2025. Their Mobility Consulting Vice President, Joe Praveen Vijayakumar, said, “Faster deliveries, reduced road traffic, access to remote areas, accurate deliveries, and greater convenience make drones an attractive proposition for last-mile delivery.”

Whether you are the owner of a new business exploring the benefits of using drone deliveries or a consumer wanting to know more about the drone delivery system, read on to find out more.

Technology will always provide you with options that will save time, make your lives simple, and reduce the effort while increasing the benefits. Drone deliveries have done just that for the logistics industry. Here are a few ways it will boost business for the e-commerce industry.

  1. Faster delivery time: Same-day delivery will become the new normal. Customers will be spoilt for getting what they want in a matter of hours. Customers usually visit the market to buy things they need urgently. Hence, e-commerce retailers lose out on such customers. Drones will allow deliveries to be made in 30 minutes to an hour, making it possible for retailers to reach the customers ASAP. This will definitely increase their clientele.
  2. Accurate Deliveries: There have been numerous instances when packages have been wrongly delivered to customers and had to be returned. But, using drones for deliveries will streamline the process much more. The deliveries would be made according to coordinates. And, the digitization of this whole process would ensure fewer mess-ups. The drone will make accurate deliveries, saving businesses time and money.
  3. Wider Reach: Drones will enable companies to send their products to remote areas. Often, people living in such places don’t have access to buy products they need without driving a long way. Drone deliveries will make their lives easy and increase the customer base for the retailers.

Making profits is one of the fundamental purposes of any business. While companies will have to spend initially on buying the drones, but in the long run, they will save a lot of money. And, as they say, a penny saved is a penny earned. Drones will save time, have a wider reach and make precise deliveries. Their productivity will be far greater than traditional deliveries. Besides, saving on fuel expenses will enhance profits considerably.

Moreover, drone delivery will prove to be convenient for everyone. Want to know how? Continue reading.

    • Reduced road congestion: If companies depend on drones for their deliveries, their reliance on delivery trucks, cars, or bikes will reduce. This will mean fewer vehicles on the road. So, in the future, if you take a drive and don’t see the usual traffic, check out the drones hovering above you and thank them for saving your time.
    • Eco-friendly delivery: Drones are an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional delivery system because they don’t run on gas. They use rechargeable Li-Po batteries. So, their carbon foot printing is far less than delivery trucks.

The popularity of drones is growing every day. Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs and were initially developed for military purposes. But with increasing business demands, several companies are utilizing drones for delivery purposes.

As a consumer, all you will need to do is to buy a drone delivery landing pad. The Drop Zone landing pad is equipped with a coordinate system, so when you order a product from a retailer, give your coordinates to them instead of your address. The retailer will then feed those coordinates in the drone, and you will have your package in no time. These Drop Zone rugged drone landing pads are made of top-quality waterproof materials to drone a safe landing platform.